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May 2004 Meeting Information

May 11, 2004
Accelerating Web Application Development with JBoost

So you develop web applications. Have you ever had to change the "skin" of a web app? "Duh, of course," you say! Have you ever had to hard-code role-based security into a web app? And then change it? Over and over? "Duh, of course," you say! And what about internationalization and localization coding challenges? Chris Page (see bio below) with Ivis Technologies, will introduce you to a new approach to addressing each of these situations utilizing the "separation of concerns" software development best practice. This session will not only take you through a brief presentation explaining the approach but we will also give you a demonstration of how JBoost can save you significant amounts of developer time over the life of a web app.

Chris Page is a Product Manager and Systems Engineer with Ivis Technologies. Chris, with Sean McNeill (Ivis Director of Engineering) created the Boost product line. Leveraging his experience and both application development and web development, Chris worked with Sean to create a product that could solve the problems they encountered on a daily basis. JBoost is the culmination of nearly three years of work creating a lightweight, elegant solution to the complex problems facing web application developers today.

Meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month at the Scotch Plains Rescue Squad second floor meeting hall starting promptly at 7:30pm. Meetings are open to the public, and visitors are encouraged to join ACGNJ.

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