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June 2005 Meeting Information

June 14, 2005
JBuilder 2005 Presentation/Demonstration

So, what's new in JBuilder 2005?

The answer to that question can be answered by Borland's Senior Systems Engineer, Al Mannarino. Al will be making a presentation to demonstrate general Java development using the latest version of JBuilder.

The presentation agenda is as follows:

  1. J2EE App server integration, packaging and deployment
  2. Build higher-quality, high-performance applications
    • Integrated Optimizeit Profiler, Code Coverage, Thread Debugger, and Request Analyzer (Web & J2EE Diagnostics)
    • Code audits to check for conformance and enforce coding standards
  3. Increase team efficiency
    • Distributed refactoring
    • Ant debugging
    • Subversion integration
  4. Speed development with the latest Java technologies
    • Java 2 Standard Edition 5.0 / JDK 1.5
    • JDK 1.5 refactorings
    • New Web Services wizards
    • Web Services Interoperability (WS-I) testing tools
    • Enhanced mobile development
  5. Build Web interfaces faster (JavaServer Faces)
    • JSF Flow designer
    • JSF Configuration editor
    • JSF coding wizards
  6. Improve application security (Fortify Software for Borland Jbuilder)
    • Source code security analyzer locates hard-to-find security flaws within Java/J2EE code
  7. Benefit from expanded integration
    • Requirements Management (CaliberRM) integration
    • Enhanced integration with Borland StarTeam
    • Expanded selection of Premium Tools
    • Crystal Reports for Borland JBuilder
    • eBaySDK for Java
    • Fortify Software for Borland JBuilder
    • Sybase EAServer integration module for JBuilder
    • Vignette Portal Plugin for Borland JBuilder
    • Oracle Plug-In for Borland JBuilder
  8. Questions & Answers

Al Mannarino is a Borland Senior Systems Engineer. Al has fifteen years experience as a Software/Systems Engineer providing in-depth technical support in pre-sales, post-sales, and training situations, preceded by eight years as a Software Developer designing and developing complex electronic software systems. He holds a Bachelor Science in Electrical Engineering from Manhattan College.

Meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month at the Scotch Plains Rescue Squad second floor meeting hall starting promptly at 7:30pm. Meetings are open to the public, and visitors are encouraged to join ACGNJ.

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