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April 2006 Meeting Information

April 11, 2006
Mapping a POJO Domain Model to an SOA Using Intermediation and Dynamic Composition

This month, Matthew Adams from Xcalia SA, will remotely conduct a webinar to demonstrate their Xcalia Intermediation Core (XIC) product. Composite applications, built by assembling services and databases, can be greatly simplified by the use of a business-level object model. By leveraging metadata that describes not only services' syntax and implementation technologies, but also each service method's behavior, intermediation eradicates the need for static orchestration and lays the foundation for dynamic composition and a comprehensive, business-level object model that composite applications can use regardless of where and how the model's data is stored.

Matthew Adams is an enterprise software architect with over 14 years of experience, including C++, Java, .NET, and other languages. He was a member of JSR 12 (JDO 1.0), and currently serves on JSRs 220 (EJB 3.0) and 243 (JDO 2.0), as well as the Service Data Objects (SDO) expert group. He currently works as a Senior Consultant and Manager of Product Marketing, North America, at Xcalia SA (formerly LIBeLIS, makers of LiDO), a French software company.

Xcalia SA began in Paris, France in 2000 as LIBeLIS, and offered the world's first commercially available implementation of the JDO 1.0 standard, then called LiDO. Today's flagship offering, Xcalia Intermediation Core (XIC), is the world's first intermediation and dynamic orchestration product.

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