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April 2009 Meeting Information

April 14, 2009
Technical Overview of Hudson

This month, Paul Furbacher will be providing a technical overview of Hudson. To quote Andrew Glover in his article on Continuous Integration:

"Continuous Integration (or CI) is a process that consists of continuously compiling, testing, inspecting, and deploying source code. In many Continuous Integration environments, this means running a new build anytime code within a source code management repository changes. The benefit of CI is simple: assembling software often greatly increases the likelihood that you will spot defects early, when they still are relatively manageable..."

In this presentation, Paul will demonstrate how to:
  • install Hudson and configure code quality reports
  • create and build a small project full of bad code, and
  • create Ant targets to run code analysis tools
  • iteratively fix our code and run builds in Hudson to see that we are making progress

Also, one (1) license to Java Rebel and one (1) license to IntelliJ IDEA will be raffled off at the end of the meeting!

Meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month at the Scotch Plains Rescue Squad second floor meeting hall starting promptly at 7:30pm. Meetings are open to the public, and visitors are encouraged to join ACGNJ.

SIG Leader Mike Redlich
Phone: (908) 246-0410