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May 2013 Meeting Information


May 14, 2013
Anatomy of a Web App

This month, Bill Brutzman will be making a presentation entitled, "Anatomy of a Web App." He has an example web application hosted (LSP) that has been LIVE for several months with a bunch of working parts. The thrust of LSP is contact management for a certain major political party, for counties and towns, candidates, municipal chairs, activists, and canvassers. The front end includes HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and jQuery. The middleware is ColdFusion with Hibernate and ORM (Object Relational Mapping). The back-end database is MySQL. LSP is menu-driven with login and application security. Bill will discuss LSPs nearly framework-free architecture. While he would like to think of the skeleton as vanilla, he supposes that it is MVx (Model View) leaving off the C for savings. Bill will touch on the software configuration control and tools used. Some meat on the bones: LSP uses AJAX, can search, has charts, graphic content, and eMail broadcasting functionality. LSP can download data grids to end-user Excel spreadsheets. Users are able to hydrate Adobe Acrobat PDFs with live data via Adobe LiveCycle Designer forms and some XML magic. For dessert (some fat): cookies and Java integration. Although it is an anatomy thing, demos will be strictly gender neutral. Those attending are welcome to wear surgical scrubs.

Meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month at the Scotch Plains Rescue Squad second floor meeting hall starting promptly at 7:30pm. Meetings are open to the public, and visitors are encouraged to join ACGNJ.

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