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December 2015 Meeting Information


December 8, 2015
Processing JSON with Java

JavaScript Object Notation, i.e., JSON, is an open standard format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of key‐value pairs. Here is an example:
					"lastName": "Redlich",
					"firstName: "Michael",
					"streetAddress": "123 Anywhere Street",
					"city": "Flemington"
					"state": "New Jersey",
					"type": "home",
					"number": "(908) 000-0000"
					"type": "cell",
					"number": "(908) 000-0000"

JSON is used in a wide variety of applications so processing is, of course, a necessity. We will review three applications for processing JSON:

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SIG Leader Mike Redlich
Phone: (908) 246-0410