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February 2016 Meeting Information


February 9, 2016
Why Rust? Why Not!

This month, we welcome Paulmichael Blasucci from Quicken Loans.

Modern high-level languages offer lots of great features. However, when it comes time to do systems-level programming, one is fast with some hard choices. Give up the higher-level features we all love (by using C), or get stuck in the morass that is C++.

But, wait!

Rust offers a third choice. It promises high-level expressivity with the power and control needed for systems programming. This talk provides a general introduction to Rust. It'll introduce the basic syntax, developer tools, and overall "feel" of the language. We'll also spend some time focusing on where and when it makes the most sense to use Rust.

About Paulmichael

As a passionate ‐ yet pragmatic ‐ enthusiast of multi-paradigm and polyglot engineering, Paulmichael has spent the past 17 years blending a disparate array of languages, technologies, and methodologies to develop compelling solutions to a wide range of business problems. He especially enjoys solving challenges in distributed computing, visual communications, and heterogeneous enterprise systems. Paulmichael works as a lead technologist for Quicken Loans. He is also a co-founder of NashF# (the Nashville F# Meetup) and a co-organizer of the New York City F# Users Group. In 2014 and 2015, he received a Microsoft MVP Award for his work in the .NET community. When not at the keyboard, Paulmichael may be found exploring the metro NYC area with his wife and son (though his soul is still honky-tonkin' in Nashville, TN).

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