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June 2020 Meeting Information

June 9, 2020
Jakarta EE ‐ Present and Future

Java EE has been re-branded to Jakarta EE and moved to a truly open source governance under the Eclipse Foundation. This session provides an overview of what this means, offers a brief tour of the first release - Jakarta EE 8, explores current state and looks to what the future might bring including some key challenges. We will also discuss how these challenges can be overcome through active community engagement.

The technical contents of Jakarta EE 8 is mostly the same as Java EE 8 - it solidly enables HTTP/2, Server-Sent Events (SSE), JSON and aligns the platform with Java SE 8. It includes a much awaited security API overhaul as well as a slew of critical updates to APIs like JSF, JPA, JAX-RS and CDI. The true difference is how Jakarta EE is evolved in the open.

You should come to this session wearing your thinking caps and sleeves rolled up. There is much to help move forward together that really matters.