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December 2023 Meeting Information

December 12, 2023
A Java Lambda is All You Need for Distributed Background Jobs!

We are happy to announce that Ronald Dehuysser will be our special guest for this month's meeting!

Are you struggling with CPU-intensive tasks, high I/O work, or do you need to schedule background jobs without blocking the rest of your system? I often see teams building a scheduling solution themselves, severely underestimating the complexity of running jobs asynchronously. A costly endeavour, especially with a simple, free and open-source solution readily available.

During this fun session, I will introduce you to JobRunr: the ultimate open-source library for background processing in Java, recommended by ThoughtWorks. By transforming Java lambdas into distributed background tasks, JobRunr allows you to run any job at anytime and on any JVM. We'll delve into its diverse features such as job persistence, automatic retries, scalability (hello k8s), and the integrated dashboard to provide you with a good grasp of the possibilities. Oh, and did you know it also works on GraalVM?

After this session, you'll have a good idea of what JobRunr is, how it does it's magic and how it will allow you to focus on delivering value to your end users instead of implementing scheduling over and over again.