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November 2023 Meeting Information

November 14, 2023
Developer Productivity Engineering: What's in it for Java Developers?

We are happy to announce that Brian Demers will be our special guest for this month's meeting!

Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE) is the Next Big Thing in Software Development. But what is it? How will it foster Developer Joy? And how can you introduce it to your organization?

It may surprise you to learn that we developers are a patient, tolerant species. People pay us to do what we enjoy - write code and create working applications. In return, we will put up with all sorts of blockages and toil that get in the way of this - long build times, flaky tests, hard-to-debug toolchain failures, etc.

Is this truly the price we need to pay? Could there be a better world where the build is as fast as it could possibly be? A world where problems that affect many developers are quickly identified and fixed?

Welcome to the world of Developer Productivity Engineering, where we can get computers to do what they're good at (automation) to make developers' lives easier and make us more effective at our jobs. And while developer joy may be difficult to sell to decision-makers, effective developers making the best use of their time and hardware will directly impact an organization's ROI.

In this talk, Brian will explore what DPE is, give you some practical ways to speed up your Maven and Gradle builds, and discuss ways to help the leaders in your organization to understand the enormous value DPE could unlock.