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June 2024 Meeting Information

June 11, 2024
Making It Easy to Run Spring Boot Microservices in the Cloud, Securely and at Scale with Oracle

We are happy to announce that Mark Nelson will be our special guest for this month's meeting.

Did you know that Spring dominates the Java development ecosystem* with around 80% share? Join Mark Nelson to learn how Oracle is working to make it easier to build, test, deploy and manage Spring Boot microservices and streaming applications in the cloud. Unlock access to your legacy data, manage event streams and ingestion, coordinate data consistency across microservice data stores, enjoy baked-in scalability and security, experience unified observability for day two operations. Oracle Backend for Spring Boot and Microservices is free-to-use, supported by Oracle, and available in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Azure, and in your own on-premises Kubernetes.

* JRebel Java Developer Productivity Report 2022, Continuum Java Ecosystem Survey 2022, JetBrains Developer Ecosystem Survey 2022.