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October 2024 Meeting Information

October 8, 2024
Digital Signatures Decoded: Crafting an In-House e-Signing Microservice

We are happy to announce that Amol Gote will be our special guest for this month's meeting.

In the digital era, e-Signing services are indispensable for businesses, especially in the fintech domain. While third-party solutions are prevalent, there's a compelling case for in-house development. This approach grants businesses enhanced control, adaptability, and potential cost savings.

This presentation will explore the intricacies of creating an e-Signing service, emphasizing the pivotal role of the e-Sign Act in ensuring the validity of electronic signatures. We'll also spotlight open-source tools, such as Spring Boot with Java and AWS S3, that can be harnessed in this endeavor. Central to our discussion will be the journey of iCreditWorks, a fintech company that transitioned to an in-house e-Signing solution. Through their narrative, attendees will gain insights into the challenges, solutions, and rewards of such a transition.

By the session's conclusion, participants will be equipped with a holistic understanding of e-Signing services and the advantages of leveraging open-source tools for in-house development.