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Scala Programming for Java Developers: A Beginner's Guide


This presentation is designed for Java professionals seeking to explore Scala, a powerful language that merges functional programming with object-oriented principles. Neha will introduce key syntactic differences and similarities between Scala and Java, easing the transition for Java developers. We will discuss Scala's type inference, immutability, and concise syntax, which contribute to more readable and maintainable code.

This presentation will also explore Scala's interoperability with Java, allowing for seamless integration into existing projects, and cover advanced features such as pattern matching and higher-order functions. By the end of this talk, attendees will understand how to use Scala to enhance their programming capabilities and build scalable applications.


Neha Sardana joined the Garden State JUG leader group in January 2021. She has been working as a software developer since 2008 primarily in Java based technologies.

Neha has experience working in the Financial industry in both North America and Europe. She is a technologist and an OSS enthusiast and loves to talk and blog about all things open source.

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Neha Sardana