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Have you ever considered getting a Java certification but weren't sure how to start? Will obtaining a certification make you a better developer? Do certified developers make more money? How do I upgrade an older certification? What is taking the exam really like?

During this open and conversational presentation, we will explore these topics, discuss participant questions, and much more. We'll also be sprinkling in a fair bit of tricky (and fun!) practice certification questions throughout the talk, and answering them using an online quiz tool.


Scott Selikoff has been a professional Java Enterprise developer for over 20 years. He's the co-author of the seven best selling Java certifications for Java 8 and 11. Scott is founder of Selikoff Solutions LLC, specializing in building custom mobile and server solutions for businesses in the tri-state New York City area.

Scott has spoken at numerous conferences over years and enjoys helping transform junior programmers into more experienced software developers. He also is a moderator on the popular CodeRanch forum, one of the best Java discussion forums in the world. In his spare time, Scott operates Down Home Country Coding, a blog devoted to exploring programming issues of the day.

Scott Selikoff